Parish Discipleship Groups

The PDG Spring Semester kicks off the beginning of February and runs for 8 weeks. You can find a list of PDG leaders and locations below. Follow the link to join a PDG!

Parish Discipleship Groups are small group meetings that promote biblical discipleship, community and outreach throughout the Christ Church congregation as we learn to live out “All of Christ, for all of Life, for all of Moscow.”

The bible study for the PDG Spring Semester will continue the story that Luke started with all that “Jesus began to do and teach, until the day when he was taken up” (Acts 1:1-2). In the Book of Acts, Christ’s disciples receive the Holy Spirit and begin the work of the Great Commission in Jerusalem and move toward the ends of the earth (including Moscow). The Spring Semester will be divided into seven sections covering four chapters per week. The Book of Acts will provide an example and challenge to the Parish Discipleship Groups as we continue to learn to be disciples of “all of Christ, for all of Life, for all of Moscow.”


PDG Leaders & Locations


Tuesday, 7:00 pm
Host: Dan and Jeanne Vis
Facilitator: Dan Vis, Josh Pereyda (co-facilitator)
Elder: Dan Vis


Tuesday, 6:00 pm
Host: Austin and Michelle Anderson
Facilitator: Austin Anderson, Stephen Grammar (co-facilitator)
Elder: Csaba Leidenfrost

Thursday, 6:30 pm
Host: Dane Wilson, Tim Clemans
Facilitator: Matt Meyer
Elder: Csaba Leidenfrost


Thursday, 6:00 pm
Host: Nick and Lisa Rozier
Facilitator: Nick Rozier, James Prado (co-facilitator)
Elder: Ben Merkle


Friday, 6:00 pm
Host: Jared and Mackenzie Miller
Facilitator: Jared Miller, Brian Kohl (co-facilitator)
Elder: John Sawyer


Wednesday, 6:00 pm
Host: Gordon and Meredith Wilson
Facilitator: Caleb Silflow, Mark Beauchamp (co-facilitators)
Elder: Gordon Wilson

Thursday, 7:00 pm
Host: Jonathan and Annie McIntosh
Facilitator: Tim McElroy, Christ Carpenter (co-facilitators)
Elder: Jonathan McIntosh

Thursday, 7:00 pm
Host: Ty and Lenora Knight, Rusty and Melodie Olps
Facilitator: Brent Pinkall, Ty Knight (co-facilitator)
Elder: Jonathan McIntosh


Monday, 6:00 pm
Host: Mark and Valerie Wintz
Facilitator: Brian Nuttbrock, Mark Wintz (co-facilitator)
Elder: Bill Church


Wednesday, 5:30 pm
Host: Isaac and Katie Grauke, Jeremy and Sandy Spencer
Facilitator: Isaac Grauke, Mike Church (share facilitating)
Elder: John Carnahan


Wednesday, 7:00 pm
Host: Francis and Donna Foucachon, John and Donna Grauke
Facilitator: Francis Foucachon
Elder: Francis Foucachon

Thursday, 6:00 pm
Host: Deacon and Amy James, Carson and Wendy Sensing
Facilitator: Deacon James, Curtis Spencer (co-facilitator)
Elder: John Grauke


PDG Information

When: One night a week during the Fall and Spring Semesters. The group leaders (facilitator and host) determine which night their group will meet.

Where: PDGs will meet at the host family’s home. Each group will be based in a parish but attendance is not limited to parish boundaries. While you need to attend a group that fits your family schedule, we encourage you to invest in your neighborhood parish group.

How Long: The Spring Semester starts in February and runs for 8 weeks. Of course, if you like your group, you are welcome to meet outside the official “semesters.”

Who Leads: PDGs will be led by parish elders, deacons, or men who are modeling the life of church leaders. If a parish elder is not directly leading the Parish Discipleship Group, he will counsel and oversee the deputized leaders. The leader and possibly the co-leader will be responsible to communicate with the group, support the host family, facilitate the bible study and prayer time, and maintain an emphasis on discipleship and outreach.

Babysitting: Since a significant number of families at our church have young children, Christ Church will pay for a babysitter for each group that needs one. The babysitter will watch the kids during the bible study and prayer time.

Who May Attend: Everyone is welcome to attend.

How do I Join: Follow the link about or below! A recommended PDG size is between 8-12 adults. As the groups grow, they should plan to divide and continue the vision “All of Christ, for all of life, for all of Moscow.”

For more information on the vision or the nuts and bolts for the Parish Disicpleship Groups, feel free to peruse this document.

If you are interested in hosting or facilitating a group or have any questions about PDGs, please contact Ty Knight (

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