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A map of Christ Church's Parishes

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About Our Parishes

Christ Church is divided geographically into parishes with certain elders and deacons overseeing each parish. The purpose of the parishes is to encourage fellowship on a smaller group level and to administer help more easily to those people who are in need.

A large map of our parishes can be found here.

Parish Bible Studies

When: Wednesdays, at 7:00 PM [unless otherwise noted]

Where: Volunteer homes [listed here]

Who leads: Elders/deacons/chosen potential leaders

Who may attend: Members of various parishes, friends, neighbors, anyone who wants to attend

What happens: Discussion questions based on the previous Sunday’s sermon. Questions will be geared to the topics discussed in sermon with special emphasis on specific application, prayer for accomplishment of application, involvement in one another’s lives based on the discussion, etc. The meeting is relational and pastoral in nature. It is not an academic Bible study. Homework questions from the sermon are posted here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mike Lawyer, Minister of Parish Life and Counseling at the church office.

Parish Bible Studies Locations

Singles Study (non-married, non-college): Sean Brendan Stewart

@ 617 Homestead | 703.678.1213

Baxter: Jeremy Bunch

Wednesday, 7:00pm @ 4716 Lenville (Rathbun’s home) | 208.830.0448

Bradford: Austin Anderson

Wednesday, 7:00pm @ 227 N Lieuallen | 208.596.9085

Cranmer: Jim Nance

Tuesday, 7:00pm @ 210 N Van Buren (Hieronymus home) | 208.301.4885

Cranmer: JT Grauke

Thursday, 7:00pm | 208.596.5514

Latimer: Gordon Wilson

Wednesday, 7:00pm @ 702 S. Jefferson | 208.882.8231

Tyndale: Clint Hughes

Wednesday, 7:00pm @ 1042 W Palouse River Drive | 208.473.0293

Wishart: Francis Foucachon

@ 3200 Foothill Rd | 208.596.8189

Wishart: Dave Williams

Wednesday, 6:30pm @ 339 Quail Run | 208.596.1623

Wycliffe: Deacon James

Wednesday, 7:00pm (Potluck @ 5:30) @ 1650 Hillcrest | 208.596.0310

Parish Bible Study Questions

Questions for the Week of 4.20.2014: pdf