Parish Discipleship Groups

Parish Discipleship Groups are small group meetings that promote biblical discipleship, community and outreach throughout the Christ Church congregation.

The aim of the Parish Discipleship Groups is to help Christ Church live out our vision “All of Christ, for all of Life, for all of Moscow.” Each objective of our vision is present and strengthened through the Parish Discipleship Groups. All of Christ: through bible study and teaching we grow in our knowledge and obedience to Jesus. All of Life: with food, prayer, service, and more food, we strengthen our Christian community. All of Moscow: while we are being built up in Christ and drawn together, we are also sent out to make new disciples through various means of evangelism and prayer.

The addition in the name of “Discipleship” to “Parish Groups” is based on Jesus charge to his people in the Great Commission to make disciples. Because Jesus has all authority in heaven and earth, his people are to go and make disciples of all nations, which includes Moscow, baptizing them in the name of the Triune God and teaching them to obey all that Jesus has commanded. Successful discipleship means growth in maturity and numbers. We need to be discipled and to make disciples. PDG will help develop and use the different spiritual gifts of members as Christ continues the Great Commission in Moscow. These groups are certainly not the only way to live out the church’s vision, but we hope these relationships will encourage those involved and invested in Parish Discipleship Groups.


PDG Information

When: One night a week during the Fall and Spring Discipleship Semesters. The group leaders (facilitator and host) determine which night their group will meet.

Where: PDGs will meet at the host family’s home. Each group will be based in a parish but attendance is not limited to parish boundaries. While you need to attend a group that fits your family schedule, we encourage you to invest in your neighborhood parish group.
(A large map of our parishes can be found here.)

How Long: The Fall Semester runs for six weeks from the beginning of October (week of Oct. 5) to the middle of November. The Spring Semester starts in February and continues through April. Of course, if you like your group, you are welcome to meet outside the official “semesters.”

Who Leads: PDGs will be led by parish elders, deacons, or men who are modeling the life of church leaders. If a parish elder is not directly leading the Parish Discipleship Group, he will counsel and oversee the deputized leaders. The leader and possibly the co-leader will be responsible to communicate with the group, support the host family, facilitate the bible study and prayer time, and maintain an emphasis on discipleship and outreach.

Babysitting: Since a significant number of families at our church have young children, Christ Church will pay for a babysitter for each group that needs one. The babysitter will watch the kids during the bible study and prayer time.

Who may Attend: Everyone is welcome to attend.

How do I join: You can follow the link below with the list of PDGs and sign-up information. A recommended PDG size is between 8-12 adults. As the groups grow, they should plan to divide and continue the vision “All of Christ, for all of life, for all of Moscow.”

If you are interested in hosting or facilitating a group or have any questions about PDGs, please contact Ty Knight (

PDG Leaders & Locations


Friday, 5:30 pm
Host: Dave and Leslie Williams
Facilitator: Dave Williams, Nethaniel Ealy (share facilitating)
Elder: Dan Vis

Tuesday, 7:00 pm
Host: Dan and Jeanne Vis
Facilitator: Jeremy Bunch, Dan Vis (share facilitating)
Elder: Jeremy Bunch


Tuesday, 6:00 pm
You’re welcome to join another PDG!
Host: Austin and Michelle Anderson
Facilitator: Csaba Leidenfrost, Austin Anderson (co-facilitator)
Elder: Csaba Leidenfrost

Wednesday, 6:00 pm
You’re welcome to join another PDG!
Host: Rod and Jenny Story
Facilitator: Rod Story, Matt Meyer (co-facilitator)
Elder: Csaba Leidenfrost


Thursday, 6:00 pm
You’re welcome to join another PDG!
Host: Bob and Karen Hieronymus
Facilitator: Nick Rozier
Elder: Ben Merkle


Friday, 6:00 pm
Host: Jared and Mackenzie Miller
Facilitator: Jared Miller
Elder: John Sawyer


Wednesday, 6:00 pm
You’re welcome to join another PDG!
Host: Gordon and Meredith Wilson
Facilitator: Gordon Wilson, Caleb Silflow (co-facilitator)
Elder: Gordon Wilson

Thursday, 7:00 pm
You’re welcome to join another PDG!
Host: Rusty and Melodie Olps
Facilitator: Jonathan McIntosh
Elder: Jonathan McInthosh


Monday, 6:00 pm
Host: Marty and Janna Shaw
Facilitator: Brian Nuttbrock
Elder: Wes Struble


You’re welcome to join another PDG!
Thursday, 6:00 pm
Host: Isaac and Katie Grauke, Jeremy and Sandy Spencer (share hosting)
Facilitator: Isaac Grauke, Jeremy Spencer (share facilitating)
Elder: Bill Church, John Carnahan


Wednesday, 7:00 pm
Host: Francis and Donna Foucachon, John and Donna Grauke
Facilitator: Francis Foucachon, Cooper White (co-facilitator)
Elder: Francis Foucachon

Thursday, 6:00 pm
Host: Deacon and Amy James
Facilitator: Deacon James
Elder: John Grauke

Monday, 6:30 pm
Host: Cooper and Jacque White
Facilitator: Cooper White, Francis Foucachon (co-facilitator)
Elder: Francis Foucachon


PDG Principles

Below are three basic principles that structure the Parish Discipleship Groups. Each PDG has the freedom to take these and shape them to their needs. There is not just one right way for these groups to work as each group will take on its own character and flavor. But we strongly encourage the leaders and members to keep these components central to their PDG.
Fellowship: PDGs will emphasize eating together. Whether it’s cookies or casseroles, we recommend that food be part of the meeting as sharing a meal fosters friendship. We all have to eat! We suggest that the PDGs share food at the beginning of the weekly meeting. The host family will coordinate the food with the rest of the group (whether it’s desserts or a potluck or pizza night). A suggestion is to use “Perfect Potluck” to help coordinate food.

Prayer and Service: PDGs will share each other’s burdens, both through prayer and practical service. A significant amount of each meeting should be devoted to praying for members of the group and for unbelievers and the spreading of the Gospel in Moscow. We suggest that prayer start the meeting (after or even during the eating).

Word: PDGs will read Luke, Acts and Romans over the course of the Fall and Spring Semesters focusing on an inductive bible study method. Because the gospel is “the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes” (Romans 1:16), we want to keep Jesus and his work in the church central to our own lives and church. Studying the New Testament also makes it easier to invite and include non-believers and new-comers in the group. Over the Fall Semester, PDGs will work through Luke with members following a daily reading schedule during the week. At the meeting, the group leader will facilitate an inductive bible study of a selected passage on content understanding (What does the text say?) and practical application (How should I obey?).

Parish Discipleship Group Suggested Template (6-8pm)
6:00-7:00: Dinner and Fellowship at the Host’s home
7:00-7:30: Prayer
7:30-8:00: Bible Discussion

A map of Christ Church's Parishes