Our Church

Christ Church began in the fall of 1975. About thirty people who had been attending church in Pullman began meeting in Moscow under the name of Faith Fellowship. Christ Church is a charter member of the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches. In the years since our beginning, the church has grown in size and matured in its understanding in matters of doctrine and church government. The following emphases of the church have developed over the years. First and foremost is a desire for our lives to evidence a practical Christianity. Biblical teaching which is not lived out is worse than useless; consequently, there is a clear stress on practical obedience to the Word of God. A second emphasis is on the family. We seek to cultivate the Bible’s high view of children and the importance of a thoroughly Christian education for them. A third emphasis is the importance of a solid and defined doctrinal foundation on which to build our lives as Christians. As evangelical Christians we stand in the stream of historic Protestant orthodoxy, and are seeking to build upon that foundation.

Christ Church Mission on the Palouse
Our mission at Christ Church is summed up by the phrase “all of Christ for all of life.” Under the grace of God, this means that our desire is to make Moscow a Christian town through faithful and robust covenant renewal worship on the Lord’s Day, through proclamation of the gospel to unbelievers, while training additional evangelists who will continue proclaiming that gospel, through teaching men and women how to live together in harmonious Christian marriage, through establishing a family-friendly culture of Christian education in which well-loved and well-disciplined children will learn to stay the course, through outreach that brings people to church, accommodating them where they are while seeking to bring them into maturity in a structured way, through genuine cultural engagement that provides Christian leadership in the arts, in business, in education, in politics, and in literature, and through a regular series of church plants on the Palouse as we have gifted, trained and ordained men, willing congregants, adequate resources, and available facilities. And we seek to do all of this in gladness and simplicity of heart, as we pursue love for God and love for our neighbor.